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Hello Electric Future… Tesla Primes Itself For Next Wave Of Model 3 Deliveries

Τesla is no stranger to keeping delivery dates of their vehicles behind closed doors. The element of surprise seems to be a common theme with Tesla Motors. Since the reveal of the new Tesla Model 3 on Mar 31, 2016 , questions regarding the delivery dates on these $35,000 mid-market sedan have remained in question. So when should you receive your Model 3?…..



Recently, there have been multiple sightings around numerous Tesla delivery centers around the US, especially at Tesla’s Fremont delivery center where hundreds of Model 3’s have been spotted. This looks to be the first wave of reservation holder deliveries that are not a part of the employee priority delivery. Multiple people have made their way into delivery centers to capture footage of the dozens of Model 3’s parked in the lots. Here is a video someone took at the Fremont Delivery Center (FDC).

Now that we have seen a glimpse of hope with these new Model 3’s arriving at delivery centers and expected to be delivered this week to reservation holders, does this mean we should expect to see more of these vehicles arriving soon? One thing is for sure, when it comes to Tesla Motors, “Expect the Unexpected.”