Has Streaming Technology Redefined How We Watch Our Favorite Shows on TV?

As we approach the final stretch of 2017, it is important to look at how new technology has made an impact on our lives throughout the year. In particular, lets look at how tech has influenced TV.


When you think of watching TV, the words satellite, cable box, and antenna come to mind. This is completely normal considering this is how we have consumed media through television since the beginning of the television itself. Technology is constantly changing and advancing, however, which ultimately leads us to the topic of new ways to watch our favorite shows. Major brands such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Roku have paved a new path to watching TV shows on demand. By offering streaming devices that simply plug-in to your TV and connect to your wi-fi, you open yourself to a whole new digital world of media. These platforms have been advancing at an accelerated rate in order to compete with the other companies  and tv providers to allow more access to TV shows on major networks as well as access to on demand apps that offer their own original shows and movies such as Netflix and Hulu.


Now that companies like Hulu and YouTube started offering access to both On-Demand and Live TV, Companies like Xfinity, Dish, and Direct TV are becoming a thing of the past. No longer will you be required to sign a lengthy contract to be provided access to television, nor will there be a need for big bulky boxes and cords everywhere. One simple device from any of these other brands and you have instant access to all of your content that can be organized by apps and have multiple users. This way, everyone in the house can have their own custom TV streaming dashboard and user interface.  Hulu is offering a live tv streaming and on-demand package for just $39.99 (USD) a month. YouTube’s Live TV starts at an amazing $35 (USD) a month. This gives you access to local tv as well as major networks. Currently, however, these live tv plans are limited to around 50+ channels. As time goes on, there will be more content added. For now, if you enjoy watching live local television and want access to tons of On-Demand content, I suggest at considering one of these streaming options.

The devices that support these features are becoming more and more affordable each year. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is currently around $35 (USD). Once you plug it in to your TV and connect to the wi-fi, you are ready to go. A simple click of an app puts you in front of 1,000’s of shows, movies, and content. One thing I personally found unique with amazon is that the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick have Amazon Alexa built into the platform. With a simple press of a button on the remote, you have access to the vast capabilities of Alexa and as time goes on, amazon will continue to add more capabilities to Alexa and the Fire TV User Interface (UI).

Apple has something similar called Apple TV. It shares a similar concept as its competitors. However, If you own an apple device, I would say it is the most cohesive with the apple tv and makes streaming things from your phone more simple. Apple, like amazon, utilizes its voice assistant Siri as a search engine for its content and for other digital assistant tasks such as looking up the local weather. The only downside to apple tv is the price. Starting at $179 (USD) for the 32GB to $199 (USD) for the 64GB, this makes the apple tv a little less enticing to buy, but still offers an amazing and simple User Interface (UI).

All in all, technology is changing. As it progresses, so do the things we once thought were never going to change. I’m sure 2018 will bring us many new things to shed light on and have discussions about. But for now, Im sure these streaming devices will make for an amazing gift this holiday season.


Crypto-Crazy! Is cryptocurrency the way of the future?

Cryptocurrency (CC) seems to be the trending word these days. Anyone who has looked into the mysterious world of digital currency can tell you that many of the currencies out there have risen at an extremely rapid pace this year. Bitcoin being the most notable and acknowledged one. At the start of 2017, the cost for a Bitcoin was roughly $900 (USD). Today, the cost of a bitcoin is roughly $17,317 (USD) as I write this. That is a staggering 1,824.11% Increase year to date (YTD).  As I read the numerous daily reports on this unsystematic currency, I realize that there truly is no way of knowing what will happen to this currency at any given moment. People try to asses when the peaks will hit and make predictions about when it will fall. The truth of the matter is, almost all of the predictions about bitcoin are simply just a guess and because Bitcoin is so sporadic, there is truly no way to tell what the future holds for it. One thing I can tell you with certainty, if you are looking to make an investment into Cryptocurrency, your chance to invest in bitcoin has probably passed. However, that does not mean your opportunities for investing in crypto currency are gone. There are many different types of Cryptocurrencies that are still available to invest that are still affordable options. Litecoin and Ethereum are 2 other CC’s that are available on a few Cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as “Coinbase.”

Litecoin has taken a dramatic leap forward in growth this year. At the beginning of 2017, The cost of a Litecoin was around $4 (USD) a coin. At the time I am writing this, The cost of a Litecoin is about $350 (USD). That is a whopping 8650% increase Year to Date (YTD). That means, if you invested $100 (USD) in Litecoin back in January, that would amount to 40 Litecoin’s, which are now worth $350 (USD) per coin. That brings your net profit to $13,900 (USD). Ethereum has also risen a massive 7550% from roughly $8 (USD) to around $612 (USD) as this is written. So as you can see, there is still potential to invest and make money in the Cryptocurrency world.


As a warning: Be careful how you invest your money into Cryptocurrency (CC). There are still a lot of grey areas when it comes to CC’s. Anything can happen so you don’t want to invest more than you are able to. I would definitely advise anyone looking to invest to do so wisely. Also, using exchange services such as Coinbase can be a bit complicated too. As prices for CC’s rise, trading exchanges become overwhelmed with the amount of transactions, which cause the systems to slow down or even crash, making buying and selling CC’s difficult or impossible for a period of time. This typically occurs at the highest point of trading. So make sure you pick a good time to make your trades!

Hello Electric Future… Tesla Primes Itself For Next Wave Of Model 3 Deliveries

Τesla is no stranger to keeping delivery dates of their vehicles behind closed doors. The element of surprise seems to be a common theme with Tesla Motors. Since the reveal of the new Tesla Model 3 on Mar 31, 2016 , questions regarding the delivery dates on these $35,000 mid-market sedan have remained in question. So when should you receive your Model 3?…..



Recently, there have been multiple sightings around numerous Tesla delivery centers around the US, especially at Tesla’s Fremont delivery center where hundreds of Model 3’s have been spotted. This looks to be the first wave of reservation holder deliveries that are not a part of the employee priority delivery. Multiple people have made their way into delivery centers to capture footage of the dozens of Model 3’s parked in the lots. Here is a video someone took at the Fremont Delivery Center (FDC).

Now that we have seen a glimpse of hope with these new Model 3’s arriving at delivery centers and expected to be delivered this week to reservation holders, does this mean we should expect to see more of these vehicles arriving soon? One thing is for sure, when it comes to Tesla Motors, “Expect the Unexpected.”